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Frequently Asked Question

  1. What is a Moissanite Promise Ring?

    True to what the name suggests, a Moissanite Promise Ring is exchanged as the promise of lifelong love, devotion, and commitment. Typically, couples like to precede their engagement with it (as the promise of engagement), suggesting that they’re officially ready to take their relationship to the next level. In terms of the appearance, its design interestingly isn’t confined to a specific style. Right from Classic Solitaire Styles that highlight the centerpiece of Moissanite to the ones that are adorned by side-stones, floral/infinity motifs, vintage detailing, and sparkling side-stone, it boasts it all and more.

  2. What does a Moissanite Promise Ring symbolize?

    The name might have given it away that a Moissanite Promise Ring is exchanged as the promise of eternal love, friendship, commitment, and devotion. For some young couples, it typically marks the promise of future engagement.

  3. What is the best time to gift a Moissanite Promise Ring?

    There are no hard and fast rules that dictate the best time to gift a Promise Ring. Just like the name suggests, this ring commemorates a Promise- of love, loyalty, devotion, friendship, or anything else. So at best, the right time is when you feel ready to make such commitments. Besides that, couples usually let a significant period of time in their relationship pass, see where things are going, and then go ahead to gift a promise ring (which usually precedes an engagement or marks a milestone moment).

  4. What styles are available for Moissanite Promise Ring?

    Moissanite Promise Ring isn’t confined to a specific design. It goes all the way from Classic Solitaire Style(s) to more ornate ones that feature a halo, three stones, eye-catching motifs, vintage detailing, etc. So, you always have a world of options to choose from!

  5. What finger do you wear a Moissanite Promise Ring on?

    Well, there are no hard and fast rules which dictate that. You can slip a Moissanite Promise Ring over any finger that you like.

    However, it’s a common tradition between couples that are exchanging it as a precursor to an engagement ring to slip it over the same finger that you’re likely to wear an engagement ring on, i.e., the ring finger of the left hand. Once the betrothal happens, the promise ring is moved to some other finger to make way for the engagement ring.

  6. Is a Moissanite Promise Ring customizable?

    Absolutely yes!

    We offer you the opportunity to get your Moissanite Promise Ring customized as and how you like!