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Your diamond or gemstone wedding ring, holds a special place in your heart, doesn’t it?

Not only does it adorn your finger with grace, but it symbolizes your cherished vows. While you may be prepared to keep your precious ring close, back in the mind there's an equal concern for its long-term safety. Right?

000000Then here we have some creative ideas that can help you in preserving it safe without much efforts.

These unique ideas are not only for your peace of mind but also for protecting your precious piece forever.

Let’s Start:

First and Most Important : When to Wear It and When to Remove it

When to Wear it?

Wearing your wedding ring should be the last task in your list, while you are dressing on any day. Once you have applied the needed lotions and cosmetics, then you should consider wearing your ring.

When to take it Off?

To protect your wedding ring from damage or luster loss, its important to take them off, While :

  • Exercising in gyms or lifting weights. As sweat produced during work out can affect its brilliance.

  • Playing any type of outdoor games its better not to wear them.

  • Engaging in any type of labor activities like gardening, washing utensils or clothes, it’s necessary to remove your wedding ring. As there are chances that your ring can slip from your hands in soil or wash basins. Besides this harsh chemicals of detergents are harmful for rings meta and stone.

  • Swimming in pools or taking baths you should take them off, as chlorinated water of pools is harmful too. And chemicals in your body shampoos or face packs are also known for their harmful effects.

  • Cooking remove your precious ring, as a number of times direct contact with heat can harm gemstone.

  • Applying Beauty products like sun-screens and lotions, as they contain oil-based ingredients, which can affect ring’s appearance by creating a film over it.

  • Doing any type of clean-ups at home, remove your wedding ring on priority.

For an Appealing Look ..
Wear it in your Right Hand

Besides being appealing for other eyes, you would love that your wedding ring is always visible and close to you. For this, instead of wearing it according to cultural significance in left hand’s ring finger, you should wear it in your right hand. It offers a personal touch.

Get A Pretty Ring Box for your Precious

A ring box is not just a storage box, it’s the throne of your wedding ring. So choose a stylish and secure option that keeps your ring safe and also serves as a lovely keepsake. A wide range of styles ranging from rustic wooden boxes to elegant velvet cases are available. Customized boxes with special messages or your initials can add an extra touch.

Check Ring Bearer Pillow

A ring bearer pillow can be a classic choice for you, if you love some traditional touch. Your wedding ring is placed tightly secured in the small pouches attached in the pillow.

Ring Dishes

Ring dish is a perfect accessory for safeguarding this precious token of your wedding. This is a chic option that can help you in placing your rings on your bedside table. This minimalist accessory gives an easy access to your jewel piece. Ceramic dishes of different styles and shapes can be considered.

Ring Holder Necklace

For those who just want to keep their rings close and don't want to take them off, can look for these ring holder necklaces. Whenever you have to remove these rings from fingers, you can easily keep them in ring holder necklaces.

Additional Tips for Carrying Wedding Rings in Daily Lives

  1. Besides keeping rings safe, in storage boxes it is important to understand when to remove them. Whenever engaging in labor activities at home or in outdoors, it is important to take them off. During all these activities like gardening, swimming, cleaning, etc, one should not wear wedding rings.

  2. During traveling, it very important to carry a secure storage accessory for your wedding ring safety. If going for an adventurous trip, its better to keep them safe at home.

  3. While selecting a storage box, its important to check that its lined with a soft linen cloth and holds the ring tightly at place. Chances of damages and scratches increase, if the ring doesn’t fit properly in the box.

  4. Avoid use of harsh chemicals in cosmetics and toiletries, so while applying perfumes and lotions, take them off.

Wrapping Up:

Wedding rings can be carried in daily lives, if we take care of few strategies like: wear them in the right hand to add a personal touch, choose a stylish and secure ring box that keeps it safe. Besides that ring bearer pillow or ring dish can be also opted for safety of your wedding ring. For protection of your wedding ring in the long run, its important to understand, when to take them off.

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